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17 September 2008 @ 04:35 am
I won't be posting logs here anymore. From now on, everything will be posted in catsafae.
29 February 2008 @ 07:17 pm
Veyanne is an only child at an unnamed and very isolated cothold. The cot is affiliated with several others in the area which support about two dozen people, all told. No one in any of the cotholds were affected directly by the plague due to their lack of contact with civilization, though there has been an indirect consequence: because Harpers were so scarce, none have visited the cotholds since before the plague.

As a result, all of the children of Veyanne's generation are more or less illiterate and unable to do all but the most basic of sums. They know their letters and whatever words their parents remember after so many turns, but not much more. To rectify this, the cotholds combined their marks to send one of their children to the Unified Crafthall to study reading and math. As the oldest girl, Veyanne was selected to go -- the boys are needed in the fields and the groves. The initial plan was to see how much she learned between two tithes; one to bring her to the Crafthall, the other hopefully to take her home.

Veyanne is so far enjoying her time at the Crafthall. She has been a fast study, learning in about a month what it often takes children a turn or three to learn. She credits this to what she knew before she arrived rather than to any native intelligence. No matter the reason, the teasing which she endured when she first arrived has abated quite a bit. Veyanne doesn't begrudge the taunters, and in fact has become friends with several of them and, indeed, with anyone who is friendly toward her.

Veyanne fully intends to go home once she feels she is qualified to teach the youngsters back home. Others have talked to her about apprenticing, but she has so far gently turned them down. She will, without much prodding, tell people that she is in the engagement stage of an arranged marriage. The groom, however, is a childhood friend, and she is looking forward to marrying him. She often gets a dreamy look on her face when she discusses her intended, Davan.